May 11, 2016, Colorlines
#RaceAnd Video series

March 22, 2016, Interfaith Center of NY Podcast

April 15, 2014, KFAI Radio, Minneapolis/St. Paul
Interview on Conversations with Al McFarlane

October 8, 2013, The University of Arizona
Red Baraat Brings Bhangra Rhythms, New Orleans Jazz to Rialto Theatre

October 3, 2013, Arizona Daily Star
Red Baraat Includes UA Graduate in its Ranks

“For most of the members of Red Baraat, the eight-piece, Brooklyn-based bhangra and brass band, the Rialto Theatre will be just another venue on a long list of venues during its latest tour. But not for trumpet player Sonny Singh, a University of Arizona graduate…His ska band in town, Turban Jones, released two albums in its prime and was often tapped to perform as the opening act for national groups.”

February 23, 2013, The Cedar
Review: Red Baraat at the Cedar

“Trumpet player Sonny Singh brought jazz precision and a blistering display of chops to his instrument, tearing out solo after solo throughout the night. Immediately after such impressive displays, without so much as a pause for breath, Singh would launch into a sweetly impassioned vocal delivery that was definitely Red Baraat’s secret weapon.”

August 8, 2012, Let’s Talk About It Radio
Interview, “When Someone Shoots Our Uncles and Aunties”

August 7, 2012, AlJazeera English
Inside Story- Is the radical right on the rise in the US?

June 27, 2012, Arts Engine
Article of Faith: Upholding One’s Identity in the Face of Harassment

June 10, 2012, Rolling Stone
Photo in Bonnaroo 2012: Live shots from the mighty Tennessee festival












April 23, 2012, WGN TV
Midday Fix: Red Baraat live

October 28, 2011, India Abroad and
Indian activist drums support for Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street gets a Desi flavor

February 3, 2011, review on Nippertown
Culture Vulture: Night (And Free Day) at the Museum

“Nippertown’s lead-up piece featured a photograph of Sonny Singh, the turbaned trumpeter/vocalist who’s definitely a major energy point of Red Baarat.”

March 22, 2010, photo in the New Yorker:
Night Life: The New Yorker

March 9, 2010, interview on WBAI 99.5FM, New York
Asia Pacific Forum segment on Red Baraat

Click here to hear the interview

September 10, 2009, interview with Sepia Mutiny:
Red Baraat: Bhangra, Brass and Bringing It

“Bumping beats to rearrange heart beats, Red Baraat is “Hoi, hoi-ing” into the hearts of people across the nation. Established in 2008, this nine member New York City based “dhol ‘n’ brass band” has quickly risen to the top in the ‘world music’ circuit (and wedding circuit) of the NYC area.”

May 26, 2006, MTV News
Tom Morello Thinks Outernational Could Be The Next Rage Against The Machine

February 28, 2006, review in Village Voice:
Rhythm Uproar: Brooklyn genre-mixers rage blisteringly against the machine

“[The band] featured a bongo-banging, dhol-playing, trumpeter-singer (Sonny [Singh] Suchdev) whose infectious vocal hooks were born in gurdwaras (Sikh temples) he attended as a kid…  [The band] quickly got the diverse teens-to-thirties crowd—a rich mix of blacks, whites, South and East Asians, plus an especially hardcore Hispanic contingent—moving with blistering numbers like “Arise” and “Blood on the Streets,” the mellower “Ojos Abiertos,” and the hypnotic “Her Word on Me,” the latter featuring a signature Suchdev hook that the entire crowd sang along to even though, he confesses, its verses aren’t even words.  Contrasted with the bland, by-the-books Bush-bashing banter of so many “political” bands today, Outernational’s expansive worldview, crooned this night in at least three languages by my count, bespeaks a solidarity with Franz Fanon’s wretched of the earth.”

May 24, 2006, CNN-IBN TV, India
War goes pop: Protest music rocks US

“On Saturday night, the band played at CBGB’s, the punk rock mecca of New York. The band is Outernational, and very upfront is Sonny [Singh] Suchdev, who not only does vocals but also plays the trumpet, bongos and dhol, bringing an Indian flavor to their melody.  ‘All of us in the band brought our histories and our pasts with us. Our drummer is Puerto Rican and there’s a lot of Latin influence in our music. Obviously, I’m Indian and grew up listening to Hindi film songs and bhangra in my family’s house so that’s a part of my heart, a part of who I am. Those elements come through very clearly in our music both melodically and rhythmically,’ says Sonny [Singh] Suchdev, Outernational.”

March 13, 2006, interview with Alternet
Not Your Parents’ Protest Music

“Being a revolutionary band means that we want our music and our band to be a part of the struggle to change the world, to overturn this exploitative, degrading system and create a new world. Being a revolutionary band means that we’re inspired by oppressed and colonized people in this country and throughout the world who are fighting back and have been fighting back for centuries.”

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