Reflections on Oak Creek, Pushing Forward with Music

It’s been a tough week to say the least. Thanks to everyone who has expressed their support, solidarity, and love since last Sunday and to all those who have been contributing to the conversations, analysis, and interventions that are sorely needed in the US (and beyond) right now. As you may know, attacks on the Muslim community have been raging wild since Oak Creek. We have a lot of work to do. It’s overwhelming. I want to share a few of my own thoughts and reflections with you as well as some of my favorite writings since the tragedy:

Soul Searching for the Roots of White Supremacist Terror in the United States by me
Jadaliyya, 8/10

Is the radical right wing on the rise in the US: Inside Story Americans
Discussion on Al Jazeera English with Vijay Prashad, Arsalan Iftikhar, and I, 8/8

When someone shoots our aunties and uncles
Interview on “Let’s Talk About It” radio with Subhash Kateel, Deepa Kumar and I (also check out Subhash’s piece Our Aunties and Uncles in this Culture of Violence)

Hate Crimes Always Have A Logic: On The Oak Creek Gurudwara Shootings by Harsha Walia
Racialicious, 8/6

Michael Page Didn’t Choose the Wrong Address to Hit: Interview with Vijay Prashad
International Businss Times, 8/11

Why Oak Creek Isn’t Being Treated as a Tragedy for All Americans by Naunihal Singh
The New Yorker, 8/13

There’s a lot of great discussion happening within the Sikh community on The Langar Hall as well, a blog that I write for regularly, and so many other wonderful pieces being put out in the mainstream and independent media.

Making music feels more important (and necessary) than ever in times like these. Fortunately Red Baraat will be spreading the joy and love in a bunch of different places in the next month, starting this Friday in Mississauga, Ontario, then around the northeastern US, and our first tour of the UK in September.  All the details on the shows page.  Thanks for your ongoing support.  See you soon.

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