The Midwest knows how to get down

I just returned from a ten-day tour of the Midwest (again!) with Red Baraat.  This was our third time in that part of the country in the last year, and we really felt the midwestern love this time!  Our tour included shows at the Lotus Festival in Bloomington, Indiana, the Global Roots Festival in Minneapolis, the Chicago World Music Festival, the Landfall Festival in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana.  The audiences were amazing and open-minded all around and loved to get down on the dancefloor to the bhangra funk!

Here’s a video of us doing the Qawwali jam “Lal Meri Pat” (aka Dama Dam Mast Qalandar) at the Lotus Festival, where we were blessed with perhaps the most enthusiastic audiences we’ve ever played for.  I had to put on earplugs on stage not because of the band’s sound, but because of the insane decibel level of the audience’s cheering.

Despite the 3,200 miles of driving (for real!), it was truly a fantastic and inspiring 10 days, as we shared the stage with so many powerful and amazing artists from around the country and world, including Cimarron from Colombia, Meklit Hadero from San Francisco, the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars, Funkadesi, Mahala Rai Banda from Romania, and Delhi to Dublin.

We even managed to find a crazy good Punjabi dhaba truck stop off the highway in rural Indiana (Spiceland, IN to be exact. seriously)!

I’ll be mostly at home in Brooklyn for the Fall and gearing up for Red Baraat’s two year anniversary show at Southpaw on October 8th.  Mark your calendars and hope to see you there to celebrate!

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    December 30th, 2010

    Im happy U did it. Thanks for writing so informative post. Im lookin’ forward to c and read ur next post. Cheers

  • Audry Romanowski

    January 8th, 2011

    I love your article. It is very motivating.

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