The Free-Spirited Journey of a Taxi Union Organizer 
Open City Magazine, 6/2/16

Cha Time at Home
Open City Magazine, 2/26/16

The Education of an Immigration Lawyer
Open City Magazine, 11/2/15

Migrant Farmworker Rights Through the Eyes of Youth Farm Students in Brooklyn
HEART Blog, 9/2/15

In Suburban Queens, a South Asian Political Renaissance
Open City Magazine, 7/8/15

Black Lives Matter in New York Classrooms
HEART Blog, 6/24/15

Students at Salk School of Science Raise Over $7K for Haiti
HEART Blog, 5/13/15

Sikh Teens Spread Awareness + Love in Manhattan
Open City Magazine, 5/1/15

The Spirit of Parshaada (w/ video)
Open City Magazine, 2/27/15

Challenging Stereotypes about Muslims and Sikhs in the Classroom
HEART Blog, 2/11/15

Harmonium Soul 
Open City Magazine, 12/22/14

The Festival of Light and Liberation, Sikh Style (Slideshow)
Open City Magazine, 10/31/14
Huffington Post, 11/1/14

Interview with Shonali Bose
The Langar Hall, 9/4/14

Sikh Solidarity with Oppression? The Danger of a Sikh-Israel Alliance
The Langar Hall, 7/9/14

Sikh Freedom Ride: Youth Embark on Caravan for El Paso 37
The Langar Hall, 4/24/2014

Hair Double Standards?
The Langar Hall, 2/19/2014

The Sikh response to homophobia in India and beyond
The Langar Hall, 1/6/14

Looking Back at Sikh Resistance
The Margins- Asian American Writers’ Workshop, 11/7/13

Phir bi Dhil Hai Inquilabi
South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection (SAMAR), 10/24/13

Racist government policies breed racist terror at home
India Abroad, 10/4/13 (print only)








Solidarity in the City
India in New York, 9/13/13 (print only)

Quebec proposes another ban on religious garb (off the soccer field) 
The Langar Hall, 9/10/13

Zimmerman’s Racial Realities, Beyond Black and White
Huffington Post, 7/16/13

State-sponsored Genocide from Guatemala to India: A step towards justice
The Langar Hall and The Huffington Post, 5/11/13

Uprooting Anti-Black Racism: Desi-African Musical Connections
The Langar Hall, 5/8/13

Prayers for Boston and for an End to Racist Backlash
The Langar Hall and The Huffington Post, 4/15/13

10 Years
The Langar Hall, 4/1/13

The Turban(ator) Goes Mainstream
The Langar Hall, 1/17/13

The trials and tribulations of dating while Sikh
The Langar Hall, 1/8/13

Transforming the Culture of Violence, as Sikhs
The Langar Hall, 12/21/12

Muslims in Queens Attacked by Bigots and the Media
Huffington Post, 12/5/12

Tracking Hate Crimes, Tracking the FBI’s Crimes
The Langar Hall, 9/18/12

Soul Searching for the Roots of White Supremacist Terror in the United States
Jadaliyya, 8/10/12

Turbans on the Runway: What does it mean for Sikhs?
The Langar Hall, 7/10/12

Dreadlocks, Turbans, and Rollercoaster Racism
The Langar Hall, 6/20/12

Sikhs challenging racial profiling
The Langar Hall, 6/14/12

Vijay Prashad – Uncle Swami
Live blogging on Vijay Prashad’s talk at the Brecht Forum in NYC
Montevidayo, 6/7/12

My Turban is My Resistance: Vaisakhi 2012 Reflections
The Langar Hall, 4/24/12

Why I Teach
with WINGS and ROOTS Blog, 3/28/12

We are All Muslims: A Sikh Response to Islamophobia in the NYPD and Beyond
Huffington Post, 3/12/12

Anti-Muslim Bigotry Strikes Michigan Gurdwara
The Langar Hall, 2/8/12

Occupying Process, Processing Occupy:  Spokes Council Musings by One POC
In Front and Center, 2/1/12

Breaking the Silence: Reflections on Surat-Lalkaar
The Langar Hall, 1/16/12

Obama Rings in the New Year with Indefinite Detentions
The Langar Hall, 1/9/12

Burqa Ban Comes to Canada: Liberation Through Assimilation
Huffington Post, 12/22/11

A Sikh Minstrel Show?
The Langar Hall, 11/22/11

We Are One: LGBT Rights and Guru Nanak’s Legacy of Inclusion
Huffington Post, 11/10/11

Sikhs Occupying Wall Street
The Langar Hall, 11/7/11

This is what profiling looks like
The Langar Hall, 10/14/11

Beyond Barricades and Privilege: Reflections on the #OccupyWallStreet Community/Labor March
In Front and Center, 10/6/11

Wall Street Sikhs, Corporate Tyranny, and the 99%
The Langar Hall, 10/4/11

Fighting for our right to oppress: Gays, Sikhs & the Military
The Langar Hall, 9/26/11

Because it’s a matter of life and death
The Langar Hall, 9/21/11

Healing the trauma of post-9/11 racism one story (and melody) at a time
Asian American Literary Review, 9/11/11 (order journal here) and posted online at Left Turn

Sikhism and Religious Unity
Dharma Deen Alliance, 9/8/11

A Sikh Voice on Post-9/11 Torture
The Langar Hall, 9/6/11

Fair & Lovely for Sikh Youth?
The Langar Hall, 8/30/11

Faith groups file lawsuit over Alabama’s anti-immigrant law
The Langar Hall, 8/24/11

Young and Invinsible: Introducing Raveena Aurora
The Langar Hall, 8/15/11

Burqa Ban Spreads in Europe
The Langar Hall, 8/5/11

The Art of Improvisational Desserts (aka winging it and hoping for the best)
The Big Ceci, 8/3/11

Khuli Dhari: My Journey to Beard Liberation
The Langar Hall, 8/2/11 and at SikhNet.

Brooklyn Singh vs. Walmart
The Langar Hall, 7/21/11

Pudding Magic
The Big Ceci, 7/5/11

Sarbat da Bhala in Action in Sacramento
The Langar Hall, 6/17/11

Incarceration & Religious Freedom: A Sikh Story from Behind Bars
The Langar Hall, 6/15/11

Longing for Home, from Palestine to Punjab
The Langar Hall, 5/24/11

The Death of Bin Laden & the Soul of the USA
The Langar Hall, 5/13/11

Journeys with Kabir
The Langar Hall, 4/28/11

Turban Warfare or Racist Warfare?
The Langar Hall, 4/26/11

French Niqab Ban in Action
The Langar Hall, 4/11/11

Punjabi Gypsy Hip-Hop Rebellion
Review of “Poor People’s Planet” for Left Turn Magazine, April/May 2011 Issue.

Gay Marriage, Sikhi, and the Repeal of DOMA
The Langar Hall, 4/5/11

Class Tyranny in Wisconsin
The Langar Hall, 3/11/11

The Divisive Taboo of Halal for Sikhs
The Langar Hall, 2/22/11 and at SikhChic.com

Arab Sovereignty, Sikh Solidarity
The Langar Hall, 2/6/11, and at SikhChic.com

NYPD diversity training with a sinister twist
The Langar Hall, 1/20/11

Working for Langar Justice
The Langar Hall, 1/14/11, and at SikhChic.com

A place for our sangat
The Langar Hall, 12/22/10

US House of Reps Vote on Palestinian Self-Determination
The Langar Hall, 12/15/10

Will Obama give into bigotry?
The Langar Hall, 10/23/10

The Musical Uprising of Bant Singh
The Langar Hall, 10/13/10

A Scary Halloween
The Langar Hall, 10/7/10

Stupid or Evil?
The Langar Hall, 8/24/10

Liberation or Racism?
The Langar Hall, 7/21/10

Post-9/11 hatred rages on near Ground Zero
The Langar Hall, 6/9/10, and at SikhChic.com

Another United States is Necessary: The US Social Forum in Detroit this June
The Langar Hall, 6/2/10

Middle Schoolers taking action on (Sikh) civil rights
Sikh Coalition Blog, 5/12/10

A Vaisakhi Call to Action: Standing Up For Immigrant Rights
The Langar Hall, 4/27/10

Sikhi and Transformative Justice
The Langar Hall, 4/14/10

Dear Fahad
The Langar Hall, 3/6/10

For One Sikh, the Long Ride to Just Immigration Reform
Colorlines, 8/26/09

Reclaiming Coolness: The Northeast Turban and Personality Competition
Sikh Coalition Blog, 5/4/2009 and at SikhChic.com, 5/6/09

Singh: Reclaiming My Roots, and My Name
Colorlines, 4/10/09

Working with Sikh youth in Richmond Hill to end bullying in schools
Sikh Coalition Blog, 3/24/09

Sikh Solidarity with Palestine
Co-author of statement published on Colorlines and The Langar Hall, 1/09

The Day My Skin Came Off
Colorlines, 2/27/07

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